Abolitionist History Season Getting An Early Start

John Brown DayThe Abolitionist History season is starting early this year.

First, the North Star Underground Railroad Museum at Ausabale Chasm opens Saturday, May 4, nearly a month earlier than usual, and sponsors its first tour of Underground Railroad sites in local towns. With the weather as warm as it is, and demand growing in each of the museum’s first two years, the early opening made sense.

Second, just one week later, John Brown Lives! celebrates John Brown Day on May 11 with a special appearance by activist and one-time Presidental candidate Dick Gregory. He’ll be the keynote speaker at 2 p.m. at the John Brown State Historic Site, followed by Kate C. Larson, biographer of the legendary underground conductor Harriet Tubman.

The 150th anniversary of the Civil War is generating greater public interest in the war, slavery, and the abolition movement, in which New Yorkers played such a major role.

For more information: www.northcountryundergroundrailroad.com, and John Brown Lives! on Facebook.

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