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Write My Assignment Qualitatively!

“Write my assignment well” – this is what you need, when you are trying to order your paper to be done by an academic assistance service. However, one can feel confused about how to find a reliable custom writing company as there are quite a lot of offers on the web.

Types of Scammers in Custom Writing Field

Custom writing is a popular option and it attracts a big number of students. Therefore, it seems to be a good idea for scammers to get a financial profit from students, who are willing to pay for their custom assignments. There are the following types of scammers, who offer you to order an essay writing help with them:

  1. You Won`t Get Your Paper Done

There are websites, which offer you the best possible conditions for the essay writing, the perfect service and support. Well, it may even seem perfect before you pay for your order. After the money has been transferred toward the company, you can hear nothing from them. The “helpful” support team does not answer your calls and e-mails. The order is delivered neither within the required time, nor after. As the payment details have been entered on their website, it is more difficult to get money back.

  1. You Get the Paper or/and Service of a Low Quality

Getting the paper, which cannot be used, is also not a good thing. Surely, when you ask “write my assignment for me” you mean that you need an A+ paper. Some fraud companies do a normal or even worse quality paper and then try to convince you that this is what you have initially requested. There is also a risk that such a scam service will deliver your assignment completed after the required date, so it will be completely useless for you.

How to Avoid Risks and Be Sure to Get the Well-Done Order?

To see, whether the company you are about to order with is a reliable one, you can easily check some points about it.

  1. Ask Support about Phone Number and Address

Quite not all of the fraud services will give you a working phone number and true physical address. Surely, they do not want you to find them after being scammed. Thus, if a company has provided you with this information, try to call them and check the address via web-maps. You can also search for the phone number on the web, and if search results deal with unsatisfied customers claiming the service to be a fraud, this is not a good sign for you.

  1. Inquire about the Payment Method

If it is possible for you to pay via conversation with support team representative, you should ask “write my assignment” another company offering higher level of safety. The fraud services try to receive payments insecurely, so it would be more difficult for you to get money back. Our company accepts payments via reliable payment systems, and we have verified accounts on those payment services` websites.

  1. Check the Website

Some information can be received from checking the website. While reading the information on website, you should pay attention to such things:

  1. Advertising

The good services won`t have any advertising of other companies. If a service works well, this means that its income from customers is high enough to support the company. Thus, no additional sources of income are needed. If the service has not many customers or most of them get refunds and never come back, so they need to get money with the help of advertising.

  1. Clear Policies

If you can find the company`s policies easily and they are quite clear and understandable, this is a good sigh. It won`t be a good decision to ask a company “write my assignment online” if you do not know its policies regarding the co-operation with customers.

Quality Offered by Our Company

As you may have already checked, our company is quite reliable and perfectly suits the features of a reliable service. We can also assure you that we send only the orders completed according to the highest standard. Your satisfaction from an order depends on two main things: following of the instructions you have provided and overall quality of writing performed.

  • Instructions Always Followed

Our service knows well, how the proper understanding and following of instructions are important for you, when you ask us “write my assignment as required by professor”. Thus, we have developed a few ways for you to provide us with all the specifications in details.

  1. Order Form

Simply fill in all the required fields and your writer will clearly see the instructions needed to be met. Most of the order form fields are selective, so you can indicate the choice, which is appropriate for your particular assignment. There is also a “Paper Instructions” field, where you can enter any specifications.

  1. Files

The guidelines for assignment, the rubrics, readings or any other materials required can be uploaded under files for your order after it has been placed. You will also be able to exchange files with your writer during the order completion process.

  1. Messages

Finally, you can send messages to your writer. This will contribute to the mutual understanding and your writer will be able to complete a perfect paper with all the assignment instructions met.

  • Only Professional Writers Working for You

Another important thing is that we hire only experienced and professional writers to work for you. Here are the stages the applicants need to pass to work on us:

1st Documents Diploma We always make sure that our writers have at least Master`s degree
ID We check whether the writer is the real person, who delivers all the true required documents
CV The job experience plays an important role as we accept only writers, who have been working in custom writing sphere. Skills and abilities are also taken into account.
Samples of papers As a writer has completed custom papers, we check the quality of his performance by the papers he has accomplished before. Our Quality Department deals with samples` check.
2nd Tests Grammar Our writers can have brilliant grammar only. Grammatical tests of the highest level of complexity show well whether the applicant is suitable for a writer`s position.
Proficiency in subject There are specific tests developed for various subjects, so we can check the proficiency of each writer in his particular branch of science.
Psychological tests It is important to know, that only helpful, friendly writers are working on us. Psychological tests show the true character of applicants.
3nd Job Interview The final evaluation whether a writer can work on our company The job interview results give the final answer if the applicant is acceptable for working for our valuable customers. All the results above are being taken into account. We also see how the writer is willing to work on your requests “write my assignment”.


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