Ticonderogas 2013 Material Culture Weekend Set

Fort Ticonderoga will host its Third Annual “Material Matters: It’s in the Details” the weekend of January 26 and 27, 2013. This weekend event focuses on the material culture of the 18th century and is intended for collectors, re-enactors, and people with a general interest in learning more about objects of the 18th century and what they can tell us about history. “Material Matters” takes place in the Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center at Fort Ticonderoga and is open by pre-registration only.

A panel of material culture experts comes to Fort Ticonderoga for the weekend to share their knowledge of 18th-century material culture in a series of presentations. Designed for those who want a deeper understanding of the everyday objects that help tell the story of life and the contests for control of North America during the 18th century, the weekend’s informal approach enables attendees to interact with presenters and provides an opportunity to examine 18th-century objects up close.

Seminar presentations include “18th-Century Gunshot Wounds and Their Treatments” by Chris Fox- “‘A good saddle well-fixed’: The saddlery of American Light Dragoons in the Revolution” by Stuart Lilie- “Flame Stitch, Irish Stitch, and Bargello: Decorative Embroidery in 18th-Century America” by Shaun Pekar- “‘Concerning the Distribution of Supplies’: The Southern Army Uniform from 1780-81” by Joel Anderson- and “‘the Men’s Hatts to be cut into caps after a pattern which will be given’: British Army Head Coverings, Province of Quebec, 1777” by Eric Schnitzer.

The final presentation of the seminar will be “Caring for Your Antiques and Heirlooms” by Rick Kerschner, Director of Preservation and Conservation at Shelburne Museum. Kerschner will identify major threats to antiques and heirlooms and simple methods for preventing damage to them.

Registration for “Material Matters” is now open. A brochure with the complete schedule and a registration form is available on Fort Ticonderoga’s website at www.fort-ticonderoga.org by selecting “Explore and Learn” and choosing “Life Long Learning” on the drop-down menu. A printed copy is also available upon request by contacting Rich Strum, Director of Education, at 518-585-6370. Register before December 14th to receive the Early Bird rate of $120 ($100 for members of the Friends of Fort Ticonderoga).

Photo: Participants during a previous “Material Matters” program examine original examples of 18th-century clothing.

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