Cayuga Museum Opens Historic Maps Exhibit

The Cayuga Museum of History and Art has opened their main fall exhibit You Are Here! Putting Auburn on the Map. The exhibit, which explores the variety and history of maps, and how they are made and read, was inspired by maps held in the Museum, mostly in the General John S. Clark collection.

Exploring through early maps the public will be able to see how Auburn and Cayuga County came to be and expanded over nearly 400 years. The exhibits highlights two important and influential people in Auburn’s history, General John Hardenbergh and General John S. Clark. It also examines local Auburn businesses, transportation, and Native American reservations. You are Here! aims to teach viewers how to read a map, their importance and their evolution over time.

The Cayuga Museum, at 203 Genesee Street in Auburn, NY, is open Tuesday through Sunday, Noon-5:00 pm.

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