Recent Publications: New York Archives Magazine (Spring 2012)

New York Archives is a beautifully designed quarterly magazine featuring articles by distinguished authors, scholars, and journalists. It is the only non-academic print publication of New York State history.

The Spring 2012 issue of New York Archives features these articles:

Forensic Trailblazer by Deborah Blum
In 1918, New York City’s chief medical examiner revolutionized both the department and the science of forensics.

A Shaker Family Story by Ann Sayers
A western New York family came east to live among the Shakers and found a mirror of Shaker communities everywhere.

Lost Amusement Parks of the Hudson Valley by Wesley Gottlock
A photo essay records the Valley’s pursuit of leisure in the early twentieth century.

A Place for Women by Carol Kammen
During the Civil War, nursing became a legitimate profession for women––some Tompkins County women among them.

Gilded Sugar by Martin L. Schneider
How sweet it was: the sugar business was both popular and profitable in Brooklyn during the Gilded Age

Forests for the People by Diane Galusha [Link]
FDR’s advocacy of forest conservation began in New York and carried over to the national stage.

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