This Weeks New York History Web Highlights

  • Adirondack Attic: A19th Century Watercolor
  • Txchnologist: 10 Inventors of Lightbulb
  • New: The Occupy Wall Street An-Archives!
  • Algonkian Church History: Mohicans and Mahicans
  • Albany: Sheridan’s Unveiling 95 Years Ago
  • The Border War: New York and Vermont
  • Occupy Wall Street: American Tradition Since 1776
  • Lousie Bernikow: The Black Hole of Women’s History
  • Dick Eastman: Free Genealogy Software
  • Harvey Road: Winter Sports Snow Trains
  • Each Friday afternoon New York History compiles for our readers a collection of the week’s top weblinks about New York’s state and local history. You can find all our weekly round-ups here.

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