Vandals Carve Swastika in Victory Woods Panel

Officials from Saratoga National Historical Park promised quick action in the wake of Labor Day weekend vandalism in the Victory Woods section of the park. Vandals etched a swastika into an interpretive panel which featured a story about early Native Americans who once occupied the site. The recently installed panel is valued at $750.

Since the Victory Woods site was opened in June, park law enforcement rangers have encountered other minor acts of vandalism. Park Superintendent Joe Finan directed park law enforcement staff to increase patrols of the area. “This is not acceptable behavior in a national park—or any public place,” Finan said. We will take swift and sweeping action to prevent the area from future vandalism.”

The Friends of Saratoga Battlefield have put up a $300 reward for information leading to the arrest of the individual responsible for the act. To provide information about the vandalism, call Chief Ranger Greg Wozniak at 664.9821 ext. 214 or Superintendent Joe Finan at 664.9821 ext. 207.

Headquarters for Saratoga National Historical Park is located at 648 Route 32 in Stillwater, NY and the park’s website is

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