Adirondack History Center Museum Opens May 29

The Adirondack History Center Museum is opening for a new season beginning on Saturday, May 29. Come to the museum and discover some new exhibitions including A Sign of the Times focusing on signs &#8211 all things that convey ideas, information, commands, designations or directions. Displayed wall to wall and ceiling to floor the exhibit prompts viewers to ponder the purposes, qualities, facts and history conveyed by the signs. The signs are from the museum’s collection and have been gathered by citizens from around Essex County. The Swan Furniture exhibit highlights the craftsmanship of the Swans of Wadhams in historical context. At the same time the exhibit offers a unique blend of pieces for visitors to reflect on the furniture as art objects and artifacts.

New York History reported on the 2010 season schedule here. The museum is located at 7590 Court Street, Elizabethtown. It is open every day from 10am -5pm. For more information contact the museum at 518-873-6466 or visit the website at

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