New York Council for the Humanities Funding Risk

Four your information, I’m reprinting here a letter from the New York Council for the Humanities Executive Director Sara Ogger, regarding the threat to the Council’s funding:

The NY Council for the Humanities stands to lose a significant portion of its state funds, unless the Assembly and Senate rise to the occasion and demand restoration. With the budget resolution currently underway, there is not a moment to lose. We are counting on you to urge your legislators to restore these vital funds!

To tell your legislators how important the public humanities are to you and explain what your community stands to lose if funds are not restored, please click here: Write Your Legislators.

We’ve provided sample letters that will be sent to your State Assemblymember and Senator. You may customize the letters by telling your own story about the Council’s grants and programs &#8211 or just hit send! Each letter sent strengthens our case for restoration of much-needed state funds for FY2011 &#8212- funds that will help us to enrich communities like yours with reading and discussion series, lectures, exhibits, and more.

Thank you for taking a moment to send letters to your legislators. Your support could not come at more crucial point.


Sara Ogger, Ph.D.
Executive Director

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