New Jersey History Journal Resurrected After 4 Years

The journal New Jersey History, founded as the Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society in 1845 and published under the direction of the Society until 2005, has been re-launched under the editorial direction of historians at the New Jersey Historical Commission, Kean University, and the Society. This peer-reviewed journal will be published online twice a year by the Rutgers University Libraries.

Peter Mickulas, editor of New Jersey History, has written New York History to say that the renewal of the Garden State’s premiere historical journal should be of interest to historians of New York as well. &#8220We’re likely to publish (and recruit) items of interest to New York historians and historians of New Netherlands in particular,&#8221 he told me in an e-mail, &#8220As the editor, I’m going construe &#8220regional&#8221 topics broadly.&#8221

The editorial staff invites scholars, students, and writers to submit scholarly articles aimed at a non-specialized audience for its forthcoming issues. They welcome essays from all disciplines &#8211 for example, law, literature, political science, anthropology, archaeology, material culture, cultural studies, and social and political history &#8211 bearing on any aspects of New Jersey’s history.

They are also interested in documents, photographs, and other primary source material that could be published with annotations.

The Fall 2009 issue, Volume 124, number 1, is now available online. This issue, the first published in four years, includes the following essays:

* Lucia McMahon, William Paterson University, &#8220&#8216-A More Accurate and Extensive Education than is Customary’: Educational Opportunities for Women in Early Nineteenth-Century New Jersey&#8221

* Matthew T. Raffety, University of Redlands, &#8220Political Ethics and Public Style in the Early Career of Jersey City’s Frank Hague&#8221

* Richard W. Hunter, Nadine Sergejeff and Damon Tvaryanas, &#8220On The Eagle’s Wings: Textiles, Trenton, and a First Taste of the Industrial Revolution&#8221

* Michael Kazin, Georgetown University, &#8220The Arc of Liberalism and the Career of Harrison &#8216-Pete’ Williams&#8221

The issue also presents a new historic &#8220Survey of the Canals and Water Raceways of New Jersey&#8221 by the New Jersey Geological Survey and reviews of new and notable scholarship on the history of the state.

NJH is also supported by the New Jersey Digital Highway, which will provide an additional access point for the journal from its website, and will preserve the digital version of the journal via the RUcore preservation platform. Rutgers University Press will help market the new journal, enabling it to reach the broadest possible audience.

For further details email peter.mickulas[AT] or visit the journal homepage.

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