State Library Puts Military History Records Online

In 1895, Governor Morton appointed a state historian whose duties were &#8220to collect&#8230- edit, and prepare for publication all official records&#8230- and data, relative to the colonial wars, war of the revolution, war of 1812, Mexican war and war of the rebellion.&#8221 The New York State Library recently digitized the State historian’s 1st Annual Report (1895), 2nd Annual Report (1896) and 3rd Annual Report (1897). The 2nd Annual Report includes Volume 1 of the Colonial Muster Rolls for 1664-1760 (Appendix H)- the 3rd Annual Report includes Volume II of the Colonial Muster Rolls (Appendix M), as well as an index of names contained in the Colonial Muster Rolls (pages 899-1130). The annual reports of the State Historian are among the many historical documents that the New York State Library has made freely available online. [Link]

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