NYS Association of European Historians Conference

The New York State Association of European Historians will hold its fifty-ninth annual meeting October-2-3, 2009 at SUNY Brockport, Brockport, NY (near Rochester). Those interested in offering papers or entire panels to be considered for inclusion in the program should send their proposals to James Valone before April 30.

The New York State Association of European Historians is an informal association of historians who are interested in the history of Europe in the broadest sense (yes, we include the British Isles and colonial areas if the topic is related to European development).

Despite its title, the Association is not limited to individuals residing in New York State. Any scholar is welcome to participate in the annual conference including panelists from all over the United States and Europe. Graduate students who are at dissertation stage are welcome to offer proposals.

The NYSAEH is an excellent place to try out ideas- members are extremely supportive, while providing constructive comments that can be used to sharpen or refine your arguments.

Finally membership is mostly an act of the will. They do collect nominal dues at the annual meeting, but mostly members are members if they want to be.

Those interested should contact James Valone by e-mail at valone[at]@canisius[dot]edu or Fax: 716-888-2149. The snail mail address is:

James Valone
Canisius College,
2001 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14208-1098