Warren County Oral History Project Seeks Volunteers

Warren County (Asher and Adams Atlas, 1871)The Warren County Historical Society will be conducting oral history interviews during the Rural Heritage Festival and Youth Fair at the Warren County Fairgrounds in Warrensburg, NY on August 10th.  The Warren County Historical Society is searching for individuals who would like to participate and are specifically interest in talking with individuals who have some knowledge in three specific areas: 

World War II Memories:  We are looking for individuals who have memories of The Home Front during WWII (1941-45).  Do you remember Pearl Harbor, D-Day, the election of 1944, and FDR’s death?  Also do you remember V-E Day and V-J Day, rationing, victory gardens, movies, songs, etc.?

Fairs in Warren County:  We are interested in talking with individuals who remember the various County Fairs in Warrensburg – and perhaps other locations – through the 1960s.

Churches:  We are looking for individuals who have an interest in the importance of churches in the development of a community.  It would be especially interesting to learn why a particular congregation formed in a particular community, and what influence the people of the church had on the community, and the role of the church in creating a gathering place for people to meet for social events.

If you are interested in participating in these interviews, you can call the Warren County Historical Society before August 10th (743-0734) to make arrangements to be interviewed.

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