Secret Lives Tour: One Wall Street, Manhattan

The Historic Districts Council is presenting aВ series of tours highlighting some of the most original and rarely-seen spaces in New York.В The Secret Lives Tours take attendees inside some of the most unique and spectacularВ landmarked spaces in the city, both big and small, to learn about their history and
preservation. ВOn September 19, at 5 pm, the group will tourВ three spaces in the Art DecoВ tower at One Wall Street. В Built across from Trinity Church as the Irving Trust Building, theВ limestone skyscraper is a private wonder occupied today by The Bank of New York Mellon.В Visitors will explore the bank’s museum, 49th floor reception room, and The Red Room,with its red and gold mosaics. The museum’s artifacts illustrate the architecturalВ and institutional history of Bank of New York Mellon in Lower Manhattan. On the top floor, gildedВ shells from the Philippines decorate the angular ceiling of the three-story reception room.В The adjacent observation decks provide splendid views in four directions.В The Red Room next to the New York Stock Exchange greets the bank’s clients. Named forВ an intricate mosaic design glittering along the walls and ceiling, the room was designed byВ artist Hildreth MeiГЁre (1892-1961) with architect Ralph Walker of Vorhees, Gmelin andВ Walker. She is regarded as the foremost muralist of the Art Deco style in the 1930s. HerВ daughter Louise MeiГЁre Dunn and granddaughter Hildreth MeiГЁre Dunn will join the tour asВ special guests and speak about the International Hildreth Meiere Association, the group theyВ lead to preserve her artistic legacy.Louise MeiГЁre Dunn is the only child of a remarkable woman – Hildreth MeiГЁre, an artistВ who forged a successful career in architectural art, a field then dominated by men. Louise isВ President of the International Hildreth MeiГЁre Association, founded to conduct activities to promote and perpetuate the
legacy of Hildreth MeiГЁre. She has been speaking on the work of her mother since 2003 at venues in New York andВ internationally.

Hildreth MeiГЁre Dunn, granddaughter of the artist, is the official photographer for the International Hildreth MeiГЁreВ Association. She was the principal photographer and photography editor for both the exhibition and catalogue WallsВ Speak: The Narrative Art of Hildreth MeiГЁre. She is strongly committed to the permanence of the artistic legacy ofВ Hildreth MeiГЁre, in the preservation and re-location of decommissioned works and in maintaining the quality andВ accessibility of the visual record of the artist’s entire body of work through the dissemination of photographs to numerousВ publications.Christine McKay, historian of BNY Mellon, will guide visitors through the historic building.В Price: $100 Friends of HDC, $125 for GuestsВ Location and directions for this tour will be provided upon registration.В Business or business casual attire is requested.В To purchase tickets, call 212-614-9107, ext. 14 or e-mail [email protected]. Advance reservations are requiredВ and space is limited to 25.

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