Recent Publications: New York Archives Magazine (Winter 2012)

New York Archives is a beautifully designed quarterly magazine featuring articles for a popular audience by distinguished authors, scholars, and journalists. New York Archives is published by the Archives Partnership Trust primarily as a benefit of membership in the Trust. Visit to become a member.

The Winter 2012 issue of New York Archives features these articles:

Hiking Partners, Mountain Stewards
Suzanne Lance
From three adventurers to a club of thousands, the Adirondack 46ers has grown to encompass both accomplishment and preservation.

FDR’s Fistfight
Daniel J. Demers
Did our thirty-second president-to-be really punch out two Tammany men at the 1920 Democratic Convention? Historians are divided on what happened.

A Gilded Age Murder (article online)
Geoffrey O’Brien
A Saratoga Springs family had it all: wealth, connections, influence—and ultimately murder.

Saving Monticello
Marc Leepson
If not for two members of a wealthy New York Jewish family, Thomas Jefferson’s dream house would be just that today.

A Vast and Fiendish Plot
Clint Johnson
Confederate saboteurs wanted to set New York City on fire. How easy it would have been—if only they’d been better at it.

Caesar’s Ghost
Scott Christianson
His is the face of the age of slavery. But he was also a man who lived long enough to transcend it.


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