Two Artists in Dialog: Tantillo-Whitbeck

The Opalka Gallery at The Sage Colleges (140 New Scotland Ave., Albany) will play host to &#8220Two Artists in Dialog: Tantillo-Whitbeck: A Discussion of Contrasting Styles from a Common Source&#8221 on Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 2pm.

Themes from the 17th Century Dutch animate the work of both Len Tantillo and James Whitbeck. Yet, the two manifest their work in contrasting styles. These two unique artists will describe the motivation that inspires their work, and the process they follow to a final outcome.

Len Tantillo is well established with his work depicting historical moments of the Hudson Valley in a panoramic landscape style. James Whitbeck, a native of the Berkshires, is establishing himself with work evocative of the 17th century Dutch masters in still life.

Online registration is available here, or you can call (518) 443-1609.

Illustration: Bay of Manhattan by Len Tantillo & Pomegranates and Fruit on Silver with Baluch Rug by James Whitbeck.

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