Hudson Valley Woman of History Nominations Sought

Each March, Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site recognizes a woman who has distinguished herself in the field of Hudson Valley history by bestowing upon her the “Martha Washington Woman of History Award.” Appropriately, the award emanates from where Martha Washington resided with her husband, General George Washington, during the last months of the Revolutionary War.

That the ceremony takes place in March, during Women’s History Month, is indeed fitting. The Woman of History award acknowledges Martha Washington’s important place in history as a devoted patriot in support of the American Revolution and the ensuing new nation. This is the ninth year the award has been given, continuing the site’s mission to educate the public about the history of our great state and national heritage.

There are many women who are dedicated to sharing and preserving our history. Perhaps you know of a woman who shares her love of history with children by taking them to historic places during her free time? Is there a woman who has done research about the Hudson Valley and has shared her findings to encourage others to do the same? Do you know a woman who has used her personal funds to preserve historic landmarks? These are just a few examples of what could qualify a woman to be a recipient of the award. As you can perceive, the nomination field is open to any woman who has cultivated interest and awareness of Hudson Valley history, either locally or nationally. Nominations must be completed and submitted by January 7th, 2011. The award will be given during a ceremony in March 2011.

The Nomination Form is online. For more information call (845) 562-1195.

Photo: Washington’s Headquarters circa 1852. Courtesy of Palisades Interstate Park Commission Archives.

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