Twin Forts Day Features Am Rev Reenactment

On October 6, 1777 a force of British regulars, Loyalists and Germans assaulted Forts Montgomery and Clinton while Royal Navy warships on the Hudson River bombarded the forts as well as American warships defending the Great Chain. Outnumbered 3 to 1, the Continental Regulars and Militia fought a brave and bloody action until at last their forts were overrun, the Continental boats were burned by their own crews and the Great Chain removed. Over half of the garrison was captured or killed.

The Fort Montgomery State Historic Site in the Hudson Highlands will commemorate this bloody battle on October 2-3. This year, the traditional Twin Forts Day will be expanded into a two day Brigade of the American Revolution event with different programs each day. On Saturday, visitors will witness the battle reenactment, cannon firings, and living history demonstrations throughout the day. Sunday will feature the aftermath of the battle, with the &#8220Twin Forts&#8221 now under the control of the conquering Crown Forces. British and German troops will be on hand to establish guard posts and put their prisoners to work, while the Loyalist forces try to recruit wavering Continentals.

Fort Montgomery State Historic Site is located at 690 Route 9W, in Fort Montgomery, NY.


7:00 PM – FREE LECTURE – Todd Braisted &#8220The Hudson Valley’s Provincial Corps: Loyalist Troops in Sir Henry Clinton’s 1777 Highlands Expedition.&#8221 – Fort Montgomery Visitor Center

9:00 AM &#8211 Camp Opens
9:30 AM &#8211 Troop (formation) – Visitor Center Lawn
10:00 AM &#8211 Memorial Ceremony at Fort Clinton’s Redoubt
11:00 AM &#8211 People of the Twin Forts – Visitor Center Terrace
1:00 PM &#8211 Artillery Firing – Grand Battery
1:30 PM &#8211 Military Music Demo – Grand Battery
1:30 PM &#8211 Ladies Program – Visitor Center Terrace
2:00 PM &#8211 British Formation & Drill – Visitor Center Lawn
4:00 PM &#8211 Battle Reenactment – Fort Interior
5:00 PM &#8211 Camp Closes

10:00 AM &#8211 Camp Opens to the Public
11:00 AM &#8211 Troop (formation) – Visitor Center Lawn
11:00AM &#8211 2:00PM Crown Forces Occupation – Fort Interior
2:00 PM &#8211 Artillery Firing – Grand Battery
3:00 PM &#8211 Camp Closes

Presented by New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation- Palisades Interstate Park Commission- Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area- Fort Montgomery Battle Site Association- and The Brigade of the American Revolution

The Brigade of the American Revolution has a nearly 50-year relationship with New York’s State Historic Sites, and has been at the forefront of the fight to keep them open during the recent state budget difficulties.

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