World War II Ship USS Slater Seeks Guides

The USS Slater, located in the Hudson River north of the Port of Albany is preparing to begin their 13th season. Each year they hire 6-8 part-time tour guides who learn the history and technology of World War II with &#8220on-the-job&#8221 training from veterans, as well as from experts in historic ship preservation. Guides have an opportunity to improve their &#8220people&#8221 skills by interacting with a variety of age groups on a daily basis- the
hours are flexible.

For an application, contact Business Manager Rosehn Gipe at [email protected] or by
phone at 518-431-1943.

One thought on “World War II Ship USS Slater Seeks Guides

  • November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Can I just say….GREAT JOB! And you will learn sooo much! I worked there during grad school and just loved it. Wish I could still be there!


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