New Perspectives on African American History and Culture

The Fourth Annual New Perspectives on African American History and Culture Conference will be held at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill on February 26-27, 2010. Presented by the Triangle African American History Colloquium, the Conference Committee invites proposals for single papers or complete session panels from faculty and graduate students related to power and place in African American history across a range of time periods and areas. The Conference seeks to address the question: “How does location enhance, circumscribe, or otherwise shape power and power relations among individuals, groups, or organizations?” Location can be broadly defined as geography or status and could include specific communal, imperial, colonial, or national contexts.

Topics of exploration on power and place in the black historical experience might include: migration patterns across time and place, comparative models of Afro-Caribbean and North American slave resistance, rural and urban manifestations of black religion, gender and power in African American communities, modes of education in black-operated schools, the role of regionalism in black music, sexuality and power in black popular culture, urban black political ideology, transnational struggles for civil/labor rights, and black power on the international stage. Papers on a variety of other related topics that adhere to the conference theme are welcome.

Deadline: The deadline for proposals is Friday, November 13, 2009. Respond via email to [email protected] with your name, institution, title, email address, proposed paper title, a 150 word abstract, and curriculum vitae. Please put “Conference Proposal” in your subject line. The conference paper itself should have a historical focus and be a maximum of ten pages in length, not including endnotes and/or bibliography. Presentations will be limited to twenty minutes, inclusive of any time needed for audio-visual setup. Eligibility: Faculty and graduate students.

Contact Information:

Robert H. Ferguson
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of History
University of North Carolina &#8211 Chapel Hill
[email protected]

Photo: April 1943. Washington, D.C. &#8220Pin boy at a bowling alley.&#8221 Nitrate negative by Esther Bubley for the Office of War Information.

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