Cities in Revolt: The Dutch-American Atlantic Conference

Deutsches Haus at Columbia University (420 W. 116th St., New York City) will be the location for &#8220Cities in Revolt: The Dutch-American Atlantic, ca. 1650-1815,&#8221 a conference on the relationships between the Netherlands and (mostly North) America in the long eighteenth century, that will take place November 13th and 14th, 2009. The main conference goals are 1) to create a scholarly discussion about Dutch-American interconnections in the eighteenth century and 2) help the general public gain a fuller picture of an understudied period in Dutch-American relations. Most of the conference will consist of panels of three presenters each, a comment, and time for discussion at the end.

The conference speakers and schedule is below, but more info about the conference is also available here.

Seventeenth-Century Histories, Eighteenth-Century Memories
Nov 13, 9:30-11:30
Chair: Karen Kupperman (NYU)

– Virginie Adane (EHESS): The Evolution of a New Netherland Narrative:
The Penelope Stout Story, 17th-19th Centuries

– Paul Finkelman (Albany Law): Jews and Other Minorities in New
Netherland and Early New York: The Beginning of Religious Freedom in

– Martine van Ittersum (U. Dundee): Filial Piety versus Republican
Liberty? The Cornets de Groot Family in Rotterdam and the Legacy of
Hugo Grotius, 1748-1798

Comment: Evan Haefeli (Columbia)

American Political Events in Dutch Atlantic Perspective
Nov 13, 1:30-3:30
Chair: Hans Krabbendam (Roosevelt Study Ctr.)

– Michiel van Groesen (U. A’dam): New Netherland vs. New York:
Contested Representations of a Colony, 1664-1673

– Megan Lindsay (Yale): Leislerian and Anti-Leislerian Political
Ideologies in an Atlantic Context

– Benjamin L. Carp (Tufts): Did Dutch Smugglers Provoke the Boston Tea

Comment: Ned Landsman (Stony Brook)

Keynote Address
Nov 13, 4:00-5:30
Jonathan Israel (Institute for Advanced Study):

The Dutch Cities, Radical Enlightenment and the ‘General Revolution,’

Reception to follow in honor of the publication of Four-Centuries of
Dutch-American Relations (SUNY Press)

War, Trade and Politics in the Dutch-American Atlantic
Nov 14, 10:00-12:00
Chair: Herb Sloan (Barnard)

– Christian Koot (Towson): Looking Beyond Sugar: Dutch Trade,
Barbados, and the Making of the English Empire

– Thomas Truxes (Trinity College): Dutch-Irish Cooperation in the Mid-
Eighteenth-Century Wartime Atlantic

– Victor Enthoven (Netherlands Defense Academy / Free U. A’dam): St.
Eustatius: The Rise and Fall of an Emporium

Comment: Jaap Jacobs

Dutch and American Republicanisms
Nov 14, 1:30-3:30
Chair: Evan Haefeli (Columbia)

– Wyger Velema (U. A’dam): The Reception of Classical Sources in Dutch
and American Republicanism

– Arthur Weststeijn (European U. Inst.): The American Fortunes of the
Dutch Republican Model: De la Court, Oglethorpe and Madison

– Joris Oddens (U. A’dam): No Extended Sphere: Gerhard Dumbar and the
Batavian Understanding of the American Constitution

Comment: Andrew Shankman (Rutgers-Camden)

Travelers and Friends in the Age of Revolution
Nov 14, 4:00-6:00

– Annie Jourdan (U. A’dam): Theophile Cazenove, Jacques-Pierre
Brissot, and Joel Barlow: Three Transatlantic Actors in a
Revolutionary Era

– Nathan Perl-Rosenthal (Columbia): Revolutionary Epistolarity: J.D.
van der Capellen and Samuel Adams

– Joost Rosendaal (Nijmegen): A Dutch Revolutionary Refugee in the
United States: Francis Adrien van der Kemp and his Circle

Comment: Cathy Matson (U. Delaware / PEAES)

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