Iroquois Museum To Present Haudenosaunee Artists

On Sunday, October 4 at 2 P.M., the Iroquois Indian Museum in Howes Cave, NY will present a lecture by Dr. Robert Spiegleman entitled, “Spirits Return – Inspired Images by Haudenosaunee Artists.” Dr. Spiegleman’s talk centers around a 2008 exhibition that featured works by five Haudenosaunee painters &#8211 Peter Jemison, Carson Waterman, David Fadden, John Fadden and Tracey Shenandoah. The exhibition commemorated the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) historical, cultural, and environmental footprint in northeast Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna Valley. Some call the area &#8220The Southern Door,&#8221 a region, which contained and contains Haudenosaunee people and dependent and incorporated peoples from other tribes. It has a marginalized, rich history that needs to be re-integrated into an overall understanding of the Haudenosaunee legacy. Slides of the artist’s work from the exhibition will be shown and discussed at the lecture.

As a sociologist, multimedia artist and writer, Dr. Robert Spiegelman presents widely on New York, Iroquois, Irish and environmental themes. The founder of and, Spiegelman revisits hidden histories that link past and present, and foster indigenous values of peace, democracy and nature-in-balance. A college teacher for 12 years, he holds a Doctorate in Sociology from CUNY Graduate Center.

For more information contact the Iroquois Indian Museum at: P.O. Box 7, 324 Caverns Rd. Howes Cave, NY 12092. E-mail [email protected], call 518-296-8949, or visit

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