Weekly New York History Blogging Round-Up

  • Progressive Historians: Progressive Historians is Hiring
  • Historiann: Why Not Start At The Top?
  • Patell and Waterman: And What, Pray Tell, Is An Automat?
  • The Cranky Professor: &#8220Charming&#8221 in A New Context.
  • Tenement Museum Blog: Tenement Talks on YouTube
  • The Poesten Kill: Early Dutch Farms on The Poesten Kill
  • Mindful Walker: Taking In the Subway’s Old Powerhouse
  • Lost City: Coney Island Tries to Get the City to Listen, Take Two
  • The Bowery Boys: Cafe Wha? The Whys, Wheres, Whos and Hows
  • Berne, New York: 1787 Survey Map
  • Algonkian Church History: William Dick: The Last to Speak Mohican
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