Half Moon Update – Flitsbericht Halve Maen 2009

Captain William T. (Chip) Reynolds of the Replica Ship Half Moon (and Director of the New Netherland Museum) forwarded the following notes on the Half Moon’s progress and events this 400th year:

1. Half Moon in the News/Major Winter Work Projects

Recent articles in the Albany Times Union and the Troy Record provide a good summary of work on the Half Moon over this past winter. This past season major efforts have followed two paths: first, to expand and improve our programming (with new artifacts, educational curricula, interpretive brochures, and programming)- and second, to make physical improvements to the Half Moon (renew the rig, rebuild the forecastle, improve the engine room, and rebuild the reduction gear).

See the video links at:
http://tinyurl.com/d2lxmc Times Union Fred LeBrun video in shipyard
http://tinyurl.com/cy9xjt Troy Record Mike McMahon video Half Moon in travel

See the stories and photos at:
http://tinyurl.com/cdgbnr Times Union Fred LeBrun story and Paul Bukowski Photos
http://tinyurl.com/cpb29b Times Union Paul Grondahl story

Both the program developments and the ship improvements are major efforts, and are nearing completion as we approach the start of our operating season. Special thanks are due to key donors whose contributions have made this possible: Dr. Andrew and Mary Hendricks, and the Hendricks Family Foundation John and Amy Peckham, Peckham Family Foundation, and Peckham Industries New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Robert E. and Lori S. Liebert Van Vranken

2. Volunteers Needed to Help Finish Work on Half Moon

The Half Moon will soon move from the Port of Albany to Peckham Materials, Athens, NY. Volunteers are needed to help move the ship from Albany to Athens. Once in Athens volunteers are needed to help finish the work aboard. We have a tight timeline, but expect to complete work at Scarano Boatbuilders in the Port of Albany about April 2, and depart there the weekend of April 4 and 5. Crew should board the ship on Saturday, April 4, stay overnight, and arrive in Athens mid-day on April 5. If you are interested in helping move the ship this weekend, please contact Karen
Preston, [email protected]

3. Crew Opportunity for Move from Port of Albany to Athens, NY

The Half Moon will remain dockside at Peckham Materials through mid May. While there, volunteers of all skill levels are needed to help with work on the ship. This work will continue weekdays and most weekends. If you can help, please contact Karen Preston, [email protected]. It is not possible to just walk up, as entry must be arranged ahead of time.

4. Schedule in 2009.

Our schedule for 2009 is developing well, with major program stops set. Additional inquiries arrive frequently, and some parts of the 2009 schedule will be refined as plans mature. The programs listed below are set:

VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY &#8211 Re-Creation of 1609 Voyage, Follow daily with postings on internet Sept. 14-Sept. 23, Sail with middle school students from New York Harbor to
Albany, NY Sept. 27-Oct. 8, Sail with middle school students from Albany to New York

* May 23,24,25 Memorial Day, Poughkeepsie, NY, Festival and Half Moon for tours
* June 6-13, River Day sail from New York Harbor to Albany, NY, and intermediate stops
* July (date to be determined) Goodwin College, East Hartford, CT, dockside programming and open for tours
* July 24,25,26,27, Hudson, NY Festival and Half Moon open for tours
* August 29,30, Staten Island, NY Festival and Half Moon open for tours
* Sept. 11,12,13, New York Harbor, Harbor Day festivities
* Sept. 26, Albany, NY Festival and Half Moon open for tours
* Oct. 16-31, Yonkers, NY Half Moon open for tours

You can keep in touch with the Half Moon’s doings through their website.

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