Upstate History Alliance Online Courses

The Upstate History Alliance has announced a spring series of Collections Care & Preservation online courses:

Conservation and Preservation of Photographs and Albums (with Gary Albright)
October 27, 2008- November 21, 2008
This course will first provide an overview of factors effecting the preservation and care of photographs. The various photographic processes will be reviewed and techniques for identifying each photographic process will be supplied. Appropriate handling and storage materials, as well as sources for supplies will be covered. The course will also address the issue of when the original format or album format can be maintained or when re-housing should be considered.

Basic Preservation, Care & Handling of Paper Based Materials (with Michele Phillips)
November 24, 2008-December 19, 2008
This course will provide an introduction to the factors effecting the preservation and care of paper-based materials. Participants will then learn about appropriate techniques for handling and storing collection materials and recomment sources for supplies. Instruction in basic conservation techniques for surface cleaning and mending paper-based materials will be provided

Climate Control for Small Institutions
(with Michele Phillips)
January 5, 2009-January 30, 2009
This course will allow participants to explore the issues that need to be considered when planning for climate controls including monitoring, testing, environmental analysis assessments, long-range planning, systems design, construction support, and operations training. Low cost-low tech solutions will be offered and discussed, providing participants with the background knowledge to assist them in making informed decisions that can be implemented at their own institutions

Introduction to Reformatting (with Toya Dubin)
February 2, 2009-February 27, 2009
This course will provide participants with current, essential information for those who are responsible for the management of paper-based, photographic, audio, and video collections that are seeking to create, manage, and preserve digital assets. Participants completing this course will be better equipped to make informed choices regarding management of their digital projects/programs.

The cost to participate in a 4-week online course is $45 for UHA members, $60 for non-members. Or you can sign up to participate in a series of all four, beginning with Conservation & Preservation of Photographs on October 27, 2008 and ending with Introduction to Reformatting which begins on Feburary 2, 2009. The cost to participate in the complete series is $150 for UHA members, $200 for non-members.

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