Call for Papers: Consortium on Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850

Although it’s going to be held in Savannah, GA (February 19-21, 2009), New York History readers may find this call for papers interesting:

The Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1805 is an organization which provides a venue for the presentation of original research on not only the revolutionary history of Europe in this era, but also the Atlantic World and beyond. They are welcoming proposals from the allied disciplines and comparative studies- in short, they offer a platform for research into the revolutionary era broadly defined.

The 2009 conference will be held February 19-21 at the Savannah DeSoto Hilton.

The program committee prefers proposals for complete sessions (three
papers, plus chair and a commentator). However, they will accept proposals for incomplete sessions, and individual paper proposals. Session proposals should include name of presenter, title of paper, and brief abstract (no more than one page) for each paper- and brief CVs (no more than 2 pages) for each participant. The deadline for proposals is October 15, 2008. They are looking for traditional presentations of new research, as well as roundtable discussions. Proposals from doctoral students are welcome.

Keynote Address: Alan Forrest
York University
Alan Forrest is Professor of Modern History and Director of the Centre
for Eighteenth Century Studies, York University.

Banquet Speaker: David Armitage, Harvard University David Armitage is
Professor of History at Harvard University.

Send proposals to:
Professor Charles P. Crouch
Department of History
P.O. Box 8054
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA 30460-8054
[email protected]

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