In the Words of Women: Rev War And Nations Birth

Fort Montgomery State Historic Site will host a presentation entitled &#8220In the Words of Women: The Revolutionary War and the Birth of the Nation, 1765-1799&#8243- on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 7 pm.

The book In the Words of Women brings together the writings of women who lived between 1765 and 1799. These writings are organized chronologically around events, battles, and developments from before the Revolution, through its prosecution and aftermath.

They reflect the thoughts, observations, and experiences of women during those tumultuous times. What these women have to say is always fascinating, often eye-opening, and sometimes heart-rending. Historians Linda Freeman, Janet Wedge, and Louise North will present an illustrated talk based on selections from their book.

NOTE: Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Thursday Night Speaker Series seating is by reservation only and is limited to the first 50. You may reserve seats by calling 845-446-2134 and leaving your name, phone number and number of people in your party. Fort Montgomery State Historic Site is located at 690 Route 9W in Fort Montgomery, NY.

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