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Online essay writing seems to be a good idea for most of students struggling with their academic papers. However, a lot of them are afraid of online ordering. The thing is that most of the services seem to be insecure for them. Everybody wants to get the highest grades for essay writing. However, if professor found out that the paper submitted was paid for, you would most likely fail.

Privacy Assurance

Our company can guarantee you the privacy of ordering. Our privacy policy covers all the cases connected with your personal information to assure you that no one will have access to it. Let us explain why we need your personal information to perform the comfortable online essay writing for you.

  • Reasons for Private Details Request
  1. Your Name

Dealing with customers is impossible to be polite if we do not know your name. We need to personalize your experience, as we want to deliver the highest quality online essay writing for all of your assignments as well as professional support.

  1. Your E-Mail Address

The e-mail address will be used as your login to the personal area on our website. You will also receive the notifications regarding your orders by e-mail, some special offers for you to save your money etc. We guarantee you that you will get only the useful information via e-mail and there will be no spam from our company.

  1. Your Country

In order to contact you regarding the online essay writing comfortably and not late at night or early in the morning, we will need to know which country you are living in. The international phone code will also be determined by your country.

  1. Your Phone Number

This is the best way to contact you regarding your order and get a prompt response to avoid any delays. It is important to notify you in time especially if you have ordered the urgent online essay writing. Proper following of your instructions is a must for our company. Thus, in some cases we need you to clarify some points of your requirements.

  • Our Keeping the Details Securely

All the information above is being transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and only the authorized employees can get access to it. For your confidence, we can guarantee, that:

  • Your writer does not even know your name.
  • No third parties can get your details even if having reasons and arguments for such request.
  • The text of your order will never be sent to anyone else as we offer only the private delivery.

Using of Personal Area

1Having an account on our website also gives you a lot of useful opportunities for better ordering of academic paper writing.

  • List of Orders

Your personal page has the list of all of your orders ever placed with our company. You can see the paid orders for online essay writing, which are in process or already delivered, as well as unpaid orders. There is always a possibility to pay for your order later and we will start working on it right away after getting the payment from you.

  • Order Details

The personal page of every customer includes the order details for each assignment. You can see your choices from the order form. If you have made a mistake while placing your order, kindly contact the support team to fix it. Unfortunately this part is not editable directly by customer, but only with the help of support team representative. You can also monitor the deadline countdown up here.

  • The Attached Files

Another possibility available is attaching files. Kindly, note, that the file uploading is the two-sided opportunity. Thus, you can provide your writer with the required materials and you can ask your writer to upload some necessary files for you as well. Furthermore, the completed order can be found under the files on your personal page after the e-mail notification and within the requested deadline.

  • Messages

There is also an area for communication of customer with writer and support team. All the messages get answered within the next few minutes, so you do not need to wait for long. Furthermore, you do not need to monitor whether the message has been received. You will get the e-mail notification about each new message from support team or from your writer regarding the custom online essay writing ordered.

  • Updates

The information can change, so you have a possibility to update us with the changes on your personal page. There is an opportunity to provide us with your new e-mail, phone number etc. not to miss any important notifications from our service.

  • Placing Your New Order

Once the first order has been placed, you get automatically registered with our service. After logging in to your personal account, you won`t be required to re-enter the details all over again placing your next order as all the details are being saved in our secured databases.

Benefits of Our Service

The clearest information can be got from comparison of services. Check why students all over the world choose our service and are not afraid to be caught!

Our Online Essay Writing Service Other Services for Papers Completion
You get the papers uploaded to your personal account secured by log in details. You get your completed assignments delivered insecurely and there is a risk of their being published.
Your writer never knows your name and we control the security of your personal information while the messages and files exchange. If you pass the files with your personal information to your writer, the service won`t be responsible for this.
We guarantee that any third parties won`t find out about your being our customer There is no such a guarantee for you to be sure that no one will find out about your ordering the online essay writing

More Information

3If you still have any doubts or questions regarding the privacy of ordering custom written papers with us, do not hesitate to contact our support team. We are available any time for assistance. No matter whether you are our customer already or you want to place your first order, you can contact us via:

  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Live-chat
  • Messages from your personal page (selecting “To Support”)

Never be afraid to use our service for the best private online essay writing!

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